Slow Cooker Sweet Tea Pulled Pork

Slow cooker sweet tea pulled pork is fall-apart delicious. The taste of Carolina-style barbecue slow-cooked in some refreshing sweet tea will make your mouth water just thinking about it.

When I think of Southern home cooking, my mind goes straight to pulled pork. It’s juicy, tender, and leftovers are just as good. Put it in some tacos, make yourself a sandwich, add it to your mac and cheese. Heck, just eat it by itself and you’ll still feel satisfied. 

Carolina-style barbecue

Being from Raleigh, North Carolina, East Carolina barbecue was available on every street corner, and I loved every bit of it. The flavor is tangy with vinegar and spicy with a just a hint of sweetness. 

I wanted to switch things up a bit and add an extra liquid to the crock pot to really bring out that juicy texture in the meat. After doing some porch sittin’ and sweet-tea sippin’, I realized that the very liquid I was enjoying would be the perfect addition to dinner.

Cut of meat

Start with the right cut of meat.

 Most barbecue restaurants use whole pork shoulders, but they’re rarely available in grocery stores. If you find a whole shoulder, use it. Otherwise, use a Boston butt, which is half of the shoulder, the other half being the picnic shoulder. 

Slow Cooker Sweet Tea Pulled Pork is best paired with:

  • creamy coleslaw
  • southern baked mac and cheese
  • baked beans
  • hush puppies
  • and of course, a glass of ice cold sweet tea!




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